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Bright Owls Virtual School is a place for collaboration and inspiration! Homeschoolers, Montessori teachers, tutors, and parents looking to supplement or enhance their child’s learning will all hopefully find something here they can take away, and contribute to the experience of others gathered here. We LOVE Montessori teaching, but are open to whatever method works best when helping our children learn (which is really quite Montessori)! We hope you will join our community!

Contributing Authors:

Steph and GirlsI am Stephenie. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Language Arts. I am state certified to teach in both Alabama and Florida. I am Montessori certified for 6-9 (Lower Elementary) through the San Francisco Bay Area Montessori Education Center. I have experience (9 years), but am not certified for 3-6 (preschool and K). I have 6 years of experience working as a 6-9 head teacher for two different Montessori schools. I started the elementary program at one of the schools and often felt as if I were homeschooling…other people’s children! I have two children of my own, a 3 1/2 year old starting preschool, and a 16 month old toddler. Last year I resigned my teaching position to stay at home with my girls. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made! I am excited to start more formal education with them this fall as I see them growing in their curiosity and abilities. This school year (2016-17) I will also be acting as a mentor for a new Montessori teacher who is starting her own school.


Anna and GirlsMy name is Anna. I am thirty-seven and a native of Wisconsin. My personal schooling experience has been well-rounded. I began in a public school, transitioned to Christian school, and finally finished my education at home. After graduating, I worked for a short time as a teacher assistant in a Christian school that utilized the A.C.E curriculum. I also completed a semester in business at Baker College before deciding it was not the course I wanted for my life. I spent a year in Virginia Beach before settling in Michigan where I met my husband Chris. We have been married for a decade and have three beautiful girls ages 7, 5, and 3. After much discussion we chose to home school our children because we did not feel that the public school system was a safe environment or an academically challenging one given its current direction. We considered private school, but it was out of our price range. We also believe that as parents it is our God-given responsibility, not society’s, to teach and train our children. I realize that I am extremely blessed to stay home with my children as I know not everyone has this ability. I would encourage you, however, to make the sacrifice if you can. It is more than worth it. You can’t get this time with your children back. It truly does go way too fast. I am an everyday mom trying to do what is best for my children and encouraging others that, even though it may seem daunting, you can do it! And just so you can really get to know me… My favorite colors are deep blues and bright pinks. I could live on pizza, mint ice cream and coffee. I really want to see the Grand Canyon, the giant sequoia trees and go to Scotland with my husband and better half!