A Few of My Favorite Things

Today I thought I would highlight a couple of my favorite lessons using Montessori materials. My all time favorite is the land and water forms. This is a really great way for children to visualize land and water formations and I love, love, love that it is all about opposites! This is such a fun lesson that it… Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Things

Schooling Challenges

I Took My Own Advice

This is a follow up to “Moving Forward.” So, last week I dished out a bunch of advice about how to help the school year regain its momentum. My first idea was to rearrange the school space to make it fresh and interesting. After writing about it I thought it was such a great idea that… Continue reading I Took My Own Advice


Priming the Writer’s Pump

When I was in second grade I brought home a spelling assignment: Use your spelling words to create a story. I sat on my knees in the living room using an end table as my writing table. I didn’t know where to start. My mom sat with me and began brainstorming ideas for a story. Something… Continue reading Priming the Writer’s Pump