Schooling Challenges

Moving Forward

pexels-photo-30624January is nearly done and I can not say that I am not glad. Coming back after Christmas was one of the worst weeks of our year. No one, myself included, wanted to be in the schoolroom all day after two weeks of sweet freedom. It felt like a prison.

We have finally gotten our rhythm back and I do not think we will be taking such long breaks in the future for fear of loosing it again.

So, moving forward, how do we keep things going and stay motivated? I have some ideas to share but also love input so please share your own ideas.

  1. Freshen up the space. Rearrange the furniture, put up new posters, put out new shelf work… All of these things can help make it feel like a fresh start and get the children excited about their work space and their work.
  2. Put some exciting field trips on the calendar for the kids to see and work towards. We signed Bethany up for three cooking classes at our local farmers market kitchen. Evelyn and Lillian have a date with myself at the local bounce house. We will be scheduling a trip to the children’s museum soon as well.
  3. For a change of atmosphere, plan a day to do school somewhere new. We have a conference room at the library that we have booked and the girls bring their work to do there. They love it! They pretend they are going to a job. And bonus, they get library time when we are done.
  4. Have a guest teacher come over. A grandmother for story time or an uncle to teach a lesson about money, maybe a grandfather to teach about budgeting…whatever it might be, tap into the available resources of people around you.
  5. Plan parties. Just because you are at home does not mean you can not make valentines cards, have cupcakes, and play musical chairs.  It is ok to have fun and still call it school. The rest of the educational system does and so can we.

I find that when I start planning things and changing things up it helps me get excited about what we are doing again and that makes the kids excited too. It is easy to get into a rut but if we push a little we will not get stuck there. All of these things are work but have rewards that outweigh the extra effort. It is already half way through the year, let us finish strong. We can do this!


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