Schooling Challenges

Moving Forward

January is nearly done and I can not say that I am not glad. Coming back after Christmas was one of the worst weeks of our year. No one, myself included, wanted to be in the schoolroom all day after two weeks of sweet freedom. It felt like a prison. We have finally gotten our rhythm back and I… Continue reading Moving Forward

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The Perfect Lesson

O.K., so there really is no such thing as a perfect lesson. Even if you were to create the perfect lesson plan the moment you add children to the equation it will never go as you envision! I have created lessons that I have been so excited about, but when I gave them to my… Continue reading The Perfect Lesson

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The Red and Blue Rods

The Red and Blue Rods are a beautiful Montessori material and give such a wonderful concrete representation of the abstract numerals used in counting. Children using this material can physically see and feel the quantity of the numbers 1-10. Even if they can already count to 10 (or even 20) the hands on exploration and… Continue reading The Red and Blue Rods

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Plant vs. Animal

Our last science lesson was about living and non-living, specifically what is the criteria for something that is living. We used an acrostic of MRS. GREF to help us understand this concept. Following this lesson we narrowed our focus to living things only. We divided living things into two classes: Plant and Animal. We again… Continue reading Plant vs. Animal