Schooling Challenges

We Didn’t Get Much Done

“We didn’t get much done.” Have you ever said those words following a day, week, or month of school? I certainly have said it as a teacher in a class of 18+ students and I have certainly said it as the teacher of my own preschool age girls. As a matter of fact this repetitive… Continue reading We Didn’t Get Much Done

Botany · Science · Zoology


Last week we began our study of Botany and Zoology with a lesson on Living and Non-Living. This lesson is meant to be very engaging and hands-on leaving the child with a deep impression because it involves real specimens and objects. It is usually the first experience children have with classifying things into groups for… Continue reading MRS. GREF

Going Out

An Impressionistic Field Trip

First of all I must clarify the term “Field Trip”. When I use this title, I am referring to… “A going out with the intent of exploration and discovery for the purpose of learning.” I am not referring to a personal hiatus from ┬áblogging, which readers may or may not have noticed. Indeed, my absence… Continue reading An Impressionistic Field Trip