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Libraries Rock!

Or, at least, mine does. I can’t speak for libraries across the country but our local library is one of my favorite resources! If you haven’t been to a library lately I highly encourage you to go check it out. Other than the obvious books, and reading programs for children and teens, they offer children’s Spanish class (Montessori style), free concerts with a large variety of styles, shows (we went to a magic show this past summer), internet access, DVD’s,  CD’s, special arts and craft project days, they even have passes you can pick up for free access to local children’s museums, … the list just keeps going! Also, check out the library’s website. If you have a library that co-ops with other branches, you can search for material that might not be at your branch and have it delivered to it. Awesome!

Another possible resource you might want to check out is your local museums. Our city museum is free to the public and has some really incredible learning stations. They also have totes that can be checked out if you are a teacher  (including home schoolers!) that are filled with really cool learning tools like magnets, lumberjacks, fur traders (not actual people, don’t be silly!), simple machines… another awesome! They also have special days for home schoolers. We went to the heritage museum on one such day and they gave all of us the group rate and treated us like a group, splitting us up in pods for the tour. I had to laugh though because at one of the stops they were trying to get the kids to line up like soldiers and the kids just weren’t getting it. One mom turned to me with a smile and said “Our kids can do quadratic equations but can’t form a straight line!”

So, if you are looking for resources, look up what your city has to offer. You might be surprised.


One thought on “Libraries Rock!

  1. I just learned that I can go to my local library online and pick out the books I want. They will pull them from the shelves and have them waiting for me at the front desk! I’m totally going to take advantage of that this year!


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