Pumpkin Spice, or Planning for October 2016

Pumpkins. Cooler weather. The smell of crisp leaves and the rush of sound as feet move through them. Shorter days, longer, colder nights that make the warm glow inside even cozier. Apple cider, donuts, parties. This is October: Fall in Full Swing! Our preschool theme this month will be… Pumpkins! Real pumpkins and pumpkin décor are… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice, or Planning for October 2016

Going Out


Home schooled children come with a stigma of being socially awkward and introverted. Although, I do not believe this is the norm across the board, I have witnessed several cases where this would prove true. Mostly from families who created a bubble for their children in the hope of protecting them from anything that might… Continue reading Bubbles