Classroom Environment

The Storm Before the Calm


I know how this looks.  It’s Chaos.  But, it’s controlled chaos.  Or, that is what I keep telling myself as I continue to remind myself to breathe.  This is the storm before the calm. This is my creative process.  I like to pull everything out and then put it all away again in a new order, with a fresh perspective.  I find that rearranging and reorganizing from top to bottom is a great way for me to refresh the look and feel of the room and remind myself of the materials I have on hand.  It also gets me excited about the year as I flip through books and finger the hands on materials.  I get my inspiration back. YEAH!  Now I just have to pray in stays past September…

I know that not everyone has a whole room to dedicate to school.  Some of you have a corner in the kitchen or a nook in the dinning room or a box under the bed. I have worked from the kitchen table with my kids and when I was in school I spent a lot of time in my room working on my floor. It’s cool to have such a large space but it’s not necessary for the success of your home school.  Home school success is all about creating a safe and exciting learning environment for your children.  Outside, inside, under the table, over the table, in the closet…wherever, you can do it.

How you create that environment is different for everyone. But I think it all comes down to attitude and perspective.  Children learn from watching.  In the early years it’s all about you. Your attitude and your perspective.  If you are excited about learning they will learn to be excited too.  If you keep realistic goals and give lots of encouragement it will give them a good start to success.  On the flip side, if you are impatient and treat the children and the work as a chore to be checked off the list, if you are not excited about what you are doing, they will learn to hate school.  You are setting yourself and your children up to fail later.  Do I get excited about teaching the English language?  No.  It isn’t my strength.  But, I can still teach it to the best of my ability with a smile and get excited when I see my children start to catch on.  (I am learning a lot right along with them!)

Don’t get discouraged. A bad day isn’t the end of the home schooling world.  Find people and things that encourage and inspire you. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and understand what you are endeavoring to do. Take a day and get outside. Explore, relax, breathe.  It’s going to be ok.



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