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Ages and Stages

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I am sitting here trying not to think about the mountain ahead of me that I am about to climb. It is August tomorrow.  Time to think about the upcoming school year.

Last year my oldest was my only required student.  A first grader.  This year she will be in 2nd Grade and my second will be in Kindergarten and my third in preschool.  I have no idea how to teach all three levels at the same time.  I pretend that I still have all the time in the world to figure it out and I will tell myself and others that it snuck up on me but the reality is that I am fully aware and completely ignoring it, hoping it will magically work itself out.

I am not prepared.  I have not trained for this.  I am overwhelmed.

My oldest gets distracted by everything.  My middle daughter wants to learn so bad but has a smaller attention span and my youngest insists that she understands and can do it all by herself.  Three amazing and completely different little people.  Three different learning styles.  Three different personalities.  Three different strengths and weaknesses. One mom. This is a challenge that I know I am not alone in.  This is a homeschool thing.  I know that if I stop pretending and start to plan I will make it.  I can do this and walk away with more experience and better ideas for next year and the next…  I can also learn from others.

What are your triumphs and failures, your ideas, wit, and wisdom?

What can I glean from you that will save me grief and frustration?

Please.  I’m listening.


One thought on “Ages and Stages

  1. We are in this together! I get overwhelmed too, when I think of doing this formal pre-school thing! For a brief moment when I am standing in that room looking at my shelf, rummaging through my supply closet, or coming up with a lesson on the fly because I’m not keeping up with her hunger to learn, I forget all my training. I panic, I feel too small for the task. Then I start to plan, create, and start to breathe again. You are right. It comes together and we will make it. This time though, we will make it TOGETHER! It is much easier to share the burden, and a whole lot more fun. Cheers to a great school year!!!


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