Just a little blurb from Me

Hi! My name is Anna. Also known as Stephenie’s “bestie”.

I want to start by saying that just because I home school does not mean that I know everything. I am learning right along with my kids. English is not my favorite subject so please feel free to look for all my grammatical errors like a seek and find puzzle but keep it to yourselves as I will feel even more inadequate than I already do. It really helps to have a friend that is so smart!! I highly recommend it.

My first piece of advice comes from my mother. It is simply, “Relax.”. No one has it all together and no one ever will. You are going to have great days and really, truly, terrible days too. Have a plan and then go with the flow because nothing ever goes according to plan.

My second piece of advice is to follow this blog. My really smart friend can be your friend too. She has a passion for teaching and will always give great advise for success.

Happy  schooling!


One thought on “Just a little blurb from Me

  1. I think back two years ago when you first started homeschooling. I encouraged you to do it, and promised to help you in whatever you needed. I got you set up, then left for home. When I saw you again 6 months later or so, I was so impressed! I realized you had made it your own. You had taken ownership of your home school, you had spread your wings, and you were soaring (though I’m sure you didn’t feel like it)! I am so excited about Bright Owls Virtual School and its potential to connect us together and with others like us. We are better together!


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