Language is a category that encompasses grammar, word study, mechanics, sentence analysis, spelling, and working with resources (dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, reference books, internet) for the purpose of research.

One thing I have noticed while working in Montessori classrooms and through my training is that the curriculum seems a bit weak in the area of Language.

Here are a few areas I have found that have no Montessori lessons and need supplementing:


Consonant vs. Vowel

Short and long vowels

Reading Instruction: Phonemic awareness and phonics, decoding strategies, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary

Writing Instruction: Traits and process, writing reports

Using resources (dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, internet)

I once asked someone why the language curriculum had so many gaps. The answer, I was told, lies in the differences between Italian (Maria Montessori’s language) and English. The lessons she created were sufficient for Italian language learners. So, we make adjustments for English!


You may have found other areas where there are gaps in the area of language.


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