A Shiny Beginning

It’s Summer! Beaches, picnics, lazy mornings (o.k. probably not with kids!), vacations, and….planning next years curriculum! If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent, you know what I mean. In between all that relaxing we are grabbing at creative plans to implement next year. We do this because after a month in to the school year, the “honey moon” phase is over, things can start to unravel a bit, you get behind, the daily upkeep takes up all the time that would otherwise be put into planning, and your creativity is running dry. Summer is the best time to do it. My best advice is: Be ambitious, but allow for reality. Plan for the amazing, but be willing to let some things go in favor of the realistic.

This fall I ( Stephenie) will have a preshooler (3 1/2 years) and a toddler (1 year; 16 months to be exact). I have had about 9 years of experience working as a Montessori assistant teacher in preschool classrooms. I am NOT Montessori certified for the 3-6 year old age span, but I do have ample experience with the age level, materials, and lessons. I am, however, Montessori certified for the 6-9 year old and, although I am a stay at home mom now, taught as a head teacher for 3years (for two different Montessori schools). Some of the training for 3-6 and 6-9 overlaps, so I have training on many of the preschool materials. I resigned from my last teaching position to care for my two girls at home. Best. Decision. Ever. I am still a teacher at heart though and have implemented much of what I’ve learned teaching with my children at home. I am excited to do something more formal as I see my new preschooler and new toddler growing in their curiosity and abilities. This is not about perfection, but process-much in keeping with the Montessori philosophy. In addition to beginning Montessori lessons with my two littles this fall, I will be in a mentoring role to a new Montessori teacher who is also starting her own school.


My bestie, Anna, will be starting her third year of homeschooling. She has three children; a 7 year old beginning 2nd grade, a five year old, beginning K, and a 3 year old beginning preschool. She uses a nice balance of Montessori and traditional lessons, which is what we are all about: Doing what works for you, and following the needs of your child (ren).


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